Sunday, May 16, 2010

Free Pattern Sunday


We've been so excited about one of our recent yarn additions -- Knit Collage. Justine discovered the super cute company this past winter at TNNA in Long Beach, and now we have it in the store! Their yarn is so precious, each thick and thin single strand is spun by hand and then plied with a strong thread in a contrasting color and for added fun along the way they spun in sparkly trims, crochet flowers, ribbon, fabric flower petals, or braided thread, for a truly unique skein of yarn.

We knew right away that we had to knit up a cute hat with the playful yarn. This pattern is a quick knit, so a great instant gratification project. Plus you only need one skein of this great yarn. We knit the ribbed brim double stranded with Malabrigo Chunky yarn.



Whimsy Hat Pattern

Malabrigo Chunky (doubled)
1 Skein Knit Collage
16" size 15 needle
Size 15 DPN's

Cast on 40 Stitches
K1P1 for 7 rounds
change yarn and knit every round until hat is 5 ½ inches from bottom (10-12 rounds)


Round 1. K3, K2TOG, repeat around
Round 2. Knit
Round 3. K2, K2TOG repeat around
Round 4. Knit
Round 5. K1, K2TOG repeat around
Round 6. Knit
Round 7. 2TOG repeat around

Draw yarn through remaining loops and cinch to finish. So whimsical!


  1. How did you get the random embellishments that are seen in yarn/hat? I cannot find any yarn called "collage".

  2. The brand is knit collage and the yarn is "sister." It has a home spun finish.