Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Fellow Knitters!

The last few days I keep getting stuck with a certain knitting project. Just when I think I have things settled and all the stitches and corresponding math work correctly, I realize some new aspect to my chosen stitches won't work. So I dive back in and things start looking good again and then wham another problem with the stitch design needs to be figured out. This is when my knitting starts helping me develop better life skills--I'm forced to step back. I've always hated the feeling of uncertainty, so when my knitting starts misbehaving I get all unsettled. But the plus side is, my knitting is helping me to grow!?! Or is this just what I'm telling myself? One constant way for me to manage with these knitting blues, is to always keep another project waiting in the wings, and then I'm fine again. :)

What do you guys do when you hit a bump or maybe a mountain in your knitting? Any special techniques for coping with stressful knitting? Anyone have any nightmare knitting stories?



  1. Personally, I throw my knitting. And then I take a breather and try again.

  2. Why, I just journey to my LYS Cast Away and ask for help and then I'm on to the next thing!